Computer Peripherals

    1. Adapter Cable
      The largest selection of Adapter cable is only at

    1. China USB Devices
      If you are looking for a USB devicesuch as infra-red wireless USB PC adapter, portable USB vacuum cleaner, and USB hub, our online shop is your best choice. dedicates to facilitate trade through our website. You can find solid products with wholesale pricehere.

    1. Computer Speakers
      Enhance your computing experience by adding a set of computer speakersto your system. With them, you will be able to make full use of your PC’s multimedia capabilities. Our range of computer speakers includes standard 2.0 and 2.1 sets, including satellite speakers as well as sub woofers. With great designs that match performance, you will be comfortable with any one of these.

    1. Digital Image Scanner

    1. DVB-T USB Sticks
      DVB-T stands for digital video broadcasting-terrestrial and it is the DVB European consortium standard for the broadcast transmission of digital terrestrial television. This system transmits a compressed digital audio/video stream, using OFDM modulation with concatenated channel coding (i.e. COFDM). The adopted source coding methods are MPEG-2 and, more recently, H.264. With a DVB-T USB stick, you can quickly access the digital terrestrial TV by simply plug it into a USB 2.0 port. Find one at best price at!

    1. Hard Disk Dock Station

    1. Hard Disk Enclosures
      Turn your internal hard disk into portable external one with a disk enclosure. We have many different options for you to pick from in order to match your taste and hardware requirements. Take a moment to browse through our growing range and you will find the ideal disk enclosure for you.

    1. Headphones & Microphones
      A set of headphones or a standalone microphoneis an increasingly popular peripheral for PC workstations. With the growing usage of internet chatting and phone calling, both are vital pieces of kit for getting the most out of it. Don’t fall behind the times, act now to complete your ultimate multimedia workstation.

    1. iPad Accessories

    1. Keyboards & Mouse Kits
      A keyboard and mouse combo set will add the finishing touches to your PC workstation. Without them, you are missing two of the most fundamental input devices to enable you to use your PC. Take a look at our range of keyboard and mouse kitsand you will see both wired and wireless options to fit your needs.

    1. Memory Card Readers
      Memory card readeris a device used to access data on the memory cards, namely Multi Media cards (MMC), Secure Digital (SD) cards, Memory Stick (MS) cards, and Compact Flash (CF) cards. The unit is usually loaded with USB interface. In addition, card reader is a convenient and fast data exchange device for MP3s, PDAs, digital camerasetc. It is especially a prefect choice for travellers.

    1. Optical Mice
      The humble mouse has come a long way in its time. Now there are no longer ball sensors and some of them have even lost their tails. However, optical miceare now commonly seemed and normally come supplied with modern computers. Wired or wireless, take a look at our selection of optical miceand you will find one ideal for you at

    1. Pen Pointers
      Find a pen pointer for class teaching, conferences, speeches or training at wholesale price at These items can support Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ACDSee, Website, Acrobat Reader and much more. offers kinds of pen pointerat wholesale prices for your selection.

    1. TV Tuner Boxes
      Watch TV on your PC with a TV tuner card. Install it easily and then plug a TV aerial into it to receive terrestrial TV channels on your PC.

    1. USB Travel Kits
      Simply bringing your laptop with you may not be good enough. An accompanying travel kit will allow you to handily bring along many essential accessories too. These miniature travel kits will include chargers, mouse, cables and hubs, ensuring that you get a portable and productive workstation.

    1. Web Cameras
      Take online chatting to a whole new level with a web cameras. Don’t be satisfied with just projecting your voice over the net, let your contacts see you too. With web camerasof different styles and shapes, you will definitely find one to match your mood.