Health & Beauty Devices

    1. Hair Trimmers
      The hair trimmer helps do away with unwanted hair from nose, ears and eyebrows. The battery operated unit is a much more convenient and safer solution than using scissors. The compact design and light weight assure its excellent portability.

    1. Small Household Appliance
      It's the ergonomic design age! It's the era that our eyeballs are caught much more often by the household appliance for healthy use. We provide you the largest amount of choices, the cheapest price. Slimming massager, alcohol testerand kitchen scalesare amongst our collection.

    1. Weighing Scales
      Keep a check on your health with a set of weighing scales. Subtle and unobtrusive, a set of bathroom scales will always come in handy to monitor your weight. In both digital and analog forms, you can find a low cost set of weighing scales here at